Saturday, July 7, 2012

I really wanted to get something new on the blog before heading off to Paris on monday. 2 weeks of relaxing and seeing beautiful things in an old city. I am a little worried about not being able to paint for that time but this will give me an opportunity to actually work on my sketching instead. I'm hoping for some progress there. Anyhow, here is a new doodled. Hope you dig!


  1. Looking cool! Paris is fantastic for sketching, I roamed around it with my sketchbook, really nice thing to do there.

  2. Thanks mate. I am really eager to sit down at some cafés, squares and other crowded places to do some quick studies of the people. And also of course to draw some interesting architecture ^^
    And the Louvre! Me and missus are going to spend quite some time there as well, ho ho ho.
    All the best Kan!