Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Engineer. Tried to puch myself under 5 hours and I did. Quite sketchy but fine for now.
Hope you dig!


  1. lovin these redesigns man! keep it up! where are you working currently and how long have you been doing this? great stuff

  2. Hey man. You'vr got some really good stuff on your blogg as well man, killer work.

    I am currently working for Stunlock Studios on the game Bloodline Cjampions here in Sweden, I am however moving to another gaming company in the month to come, more on that later.

    I started to seriously considering becomming a concept artist around 4 and a half years ago, and started fiddling around with digital tools around the same time. I just drew and drew for my first years at a game dev university in Skövde, Sweden and kind of slipped into a school project that later became Bloodline. We signed a deal with Norwegian Funcom and I've worked fulltime on prokect since then. Just how it goes I guess ^^

    Take care man, and cheers!