Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It has yet again been far too long since I updated with some new pieces but here we go. A few practice and concept pieces I've managed to create on my spare time. Bloodline Champions is keeping me well over my head in work so I am as happy as can be.

///Johan "Buckster" Wahlbäck


  1. Great updates man! it is obvious that you have developed allot i meen Allot! both in characters and environments. But i must say I a very impressed by your new environments. Some stuff to think about on your next pieces, is the subtle values shift, look at references or real life. try looking at your work in black and white from time to time to really check the values. Think of the lights you use in you paintings and how it would effect the environment. This will keep it less flat and create more dept. One last thing try being more clear about you lights source and where it comes from it makes he images more readable. Keeep up the good work this new shiet looks Frucking awesome.

  2. thanks a lot mate, I will definetly keep your advice in mind, really appreciate it!

  3. I love this pictures, great, great JOB!!!!!