Saturday, May 16, 2009


These are a selection of the concepts and promotional art I've done for UT3 game mod Sanctum.
At this project I've functioned as the Art Director and Lead Concept Artist.

Promotional Art for Sanctum.

Final Concept of the main character, Skye.

Main character exploratory design sketches.

General Jacksson concept.

General Jacksson exploration concepts.

Main gate concept.

Final concept for the play area.

Final concept for the play area.

Final environment overview concept.

Environment Concept.


  1. Dude! nice stuff! U have developed ALLOT since I left Skövde! After seing this concepts the 3d guys better make the game awesome now. Keep up the good work! Looking forward some more concepts get your ass kicked and post some soon. :-) Cheers

  2. Hi, I see allot of awesome stuff! May be you guys make some comics about Sanctum? For example - prolog of it =)